Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year 2012

It's 29th February 2012. Happy Leap Year! (:

Spending time with my bestie, Xuly! <3
We went to 记得吃 for dessert.

Sorbet Ice.
Bandung with tang yuang (shiratama), "attack zhi" and the sago, I guess.
 We started to take pictures. I think we took for almost an hour? :P
HAHA! I am just kidding. I think only 30 mins. HEHE..

- 喜。怒。哀。了-
 SMILE! (:
 Candid! I love it!

 Hello readers! <3
 After that we went to Spize for dinner.. WOHOO! 
You know what, I really love the food. 
A lot of Indonesian will be going there and eat. 
Everytime we go, there are definitely Indonesian. HEHE!
They are all students I think and stay nearby there. (:
Not surprisingly, most of the Indonesian have the same taste of food. :P

The Yellow - Mango Selaseh
The Pink - Syrup *something something* Selaseh
(pardon me, I forgot!)
After you eat it, you'll be like a fireworks. ^^
 Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis. Nom~
 Garlic Mushroom Steak.
For the first time I tried their western food. Not bad, the meat is fresh and i like the mashed potato. 
 It's a 2 person meal, can you imagine? O.o
 Xuly tried to call Florence and never knew that she will pick up the call so yeah, after meal, we had some funny conversation with flobebi. FACE TIME is just so cool. I love it! (:

 That's all.
Have a good night, peeps! 

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