Monday, May 6, 2013

My FF turned twenty-five

Happy birthday to my ff.
He's turning 25 this year. I hope he enjoyed the dinner with me and precious. :P
Dinner is on me and he chose Breko for his birthday treat. 

We ordered drinks - Lychee Freeze? If I am not remember wrongly, and another one will be the Strawberry Oreo ice blended.
Mushroom for our starters

Don't know what mushroom for the appetizers.
He abit disappointed because we thought it's fried mushroom but when it comes, it's cooked with garlic and olive oil i think. Oh well, still taste not bad. Some people love it, but not really for us. hehe

There comes our main dishes.
Kingkong burger.
I love the bacon although it's salty. 
The beefs are yumz. Juicy and soft. Love it!
Sirloin Pasta - The pasta so-so, but the beef is delish. However, a lil bit hard to chew cos we asked for medium well and it turned out well done. 

Last but not least, happy birthday ff!
All the best to you! Stay healthy and handsomeeeeee!! :p


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