Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Two weeks ago, we brought Marcholl to Baby Spa, but before that ff and i went for a dinner at Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine.
We missed their food so much and we waited for 1 hour for their 5pm operation. 
We forgot that they have their timing for their business.

We spammed photos cos I have a new camera as my beeday gift and it was from ff!
Thank you baby! lovesss
YAY finally the light is on!

The menu

The milk tea is finally here...
Thai Milk Tea is yumyum.
The utensils
The food we ordered!
The Thai Milk Tea

Mango Salad topped with the slice fried cuttlefish
Fried Egg w/ Onion
Kangkung Belacan
Clear Tom Yum Goong
Green Curry

Okay bye everyone!

Enjoy your weekend ahead!

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