Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sun With Moon

Dinner treat by my 2 bosses. HAHAHA!
They will kill me if they see my post! OPPS!!
Thank you so much for this wonderful treat.
 I can't remember all the food names but but but...
I really love all of them.
Too delicious! Oishiii...
 I love this!
 It's been a week and I still miss this! 
I really really really love the beef. It's so juicy. 
Especially it is with garlic sauce. 
 Kama Yaki. 
 Mango roll.
 Dessert in the cage.
The tofu cheese cake is superb. Too delish!
I've bought 2 back home and I've kept it till almost a week, the taste is still good. 
Just keep it in the fridge and you can have it as your dessert after dinner whenever you like.

Wonderful dinner treat. I am so thankful for these.
Thank you ahgu and ahkim in laws.
I will definitely be back to this restaurant again soon. 

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