Thursday, March 22, 2012

Y1S2 Chalet

3D2N Chalet from 19th March - 21st March.
I supposed to go there on the first day, but I went on the 2nd day after work. (:
Sorry, not much photos cos my camera was with my friend. *sigh!
Ngee Ann VS Republic

 Left only the five of us.
So the 5 of us went for bowling. (: 


I looked like a pro, but actually not... =D
I am stronger than you, Hydyr. :p
The pro
What a new way of throwing. So cute!
After bowling, we took pictures..

After that, we went for movie. We caught TRESPASS! 
The movie rating: 3/5
Don't ask me why? LOL...

The next day, we went for breakfast and then home! (:
That's all for the Chalet post. 
Next post will be the photoshoot post. ^^
Stay tuned. :)

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